you light up my world

I write because I have to write.

Not to go crazy *. To make something out of nothing. To dispel emptiness and prove its fullness. Because I like stories. Just like reading. I am an all-round reader with a preference for fantastic books.

I write often.

A lot. In waves. In flows. In ups and in downs. As far as I know, I am a greedy person. With more than just one wish. I write. And I live. Especially when I write. 

I have a special place for that at home. To write.

My writing forest is equipped with a handy magnet wall, so that I can hang all the intrigues on the trees. It is my comfort zone, my refuge and my workplace. 

My characters from my books-in-the-making...

There are characters living in my head and they must get out. This is why I write.*My characters sometimes do things that are not good for ordinary people. They go to places that we can only dream of and they go where no one has gone before. Writing is a dangerous and delicate job. My characters are not willing to just get apprehended. Some of them are cunning and they all have a strong will and a desire of their own. I have to watch out that they do not take control of me. This is why books should not be free. Think of it as danger premium.

Side effects and other characters... 

Sometimes I see a word. Or I experience one. And then it happens that a story just materialises. And then I put it under Short Stories. I call it the side effects of a head overcrowded with stories. And you can read them for free and with no charge. If you feel like it. 

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You light up my world