Lucky bird

Charles Camembert & De Geluksvogels


Finally I can say it: I have written a play. And what's more: they're going to play it too! Three performances are planned for May.

"Charles Camembert & The Lucky Birds" is a school theater with music and dance in which all pupils from toddlers to sixth graders can participate. It was a great fun assignment. It had been on my impossible bucket list for ages and for me it's like a dream come true. I am very grateful to the teachers and pupils of De Kastanje primary school for this wonderful experience.

And there's even more: making a movie was also on my impossible list, and there's a good chance that I will soon be able to cross it off ... Because Charles Camembert & De Geluksvogels is a complete total spectacle: with music, dance, theater and film. Nowadays I regularly squeeze my own cheek to make sure that this life is real .


April and May will be exciting months, with rehearsals in full swing. The performances will take place in room Sint-Jozef van de Kastanje on Friday 17-05 (7 pm), Saturday 18-05 (6 pm) and on Sunday 19-05 (3 pm).




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