Round little circles

Round little circles


The smell of pine needles was slowly replaced by a fragrance that I would never forget and would stay on my uvula for days. I left the walking trail and walked a bit further into the forest.

Suddenly, I saw my mates in the thicket. For a brief moment, my heart quickened They were roasting some kind of animal! We had not eaten anything for three days. Actually, I should have been happy, but the smell of the roast immediately prevented me having this emotion. And not only that.


The sight of the strange creature that they were roasting evoked a feeling of disgust within me. It was at least two meters long, with a diameter of about thirty centimetres. The body was made up of ring segments, covered with black, bumpy scales. The severed head lay next to the fire. It had a flattened face. With a bit of imagination, it could pass for the face of a wrinkly, old man.


‘For Pete’s sake, Ziggy and Bink, what in God’s name have you caught? The whole forest stinks of singed hair and something else that is definitely much more disgusting than that.’

‘We have to eat, Wolf. It’s better than nothing.’

I looked at my friends. They looked exactly as I felt, tired and so hungry that we were even willing to eat pine needles. This forest was not good for us. Rabbits were scarce and ten times more fireballs flashed through the sky than there were birds flying. The ground was trembling again.


Ziggy and Bink jumped up in an instant. They held their spears, ready to attack, and they danced up and down as if they distrusted the ground beneath their feet.

‘What,’ I started my question.

‘Grab your sword, Wolf. They crawled upwards when the earth trembled. Take heed when you see round little circles.’



ronde kringetjes, round circles
ronde kringetjes, round circles (Pixabay)
ronde kringetjes, round circles (Pixabay)


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