He possessed the words that she loved. Tileman was a collection of wisdom and love in quotes. In every conversation that she had with him, a spoken pearl rolled out of his mouth. She possessed the heart that he loved.

He was crazy about her and she about him. They were going to get married. During the night before she wanted to give her heart to him, something terrible happened. A thief stole her heart while she was deeply asleep. She did not realize it until the following morning.

She asked Tileman for a few days grace. She did not tell him the truth, because she thought that the thief would bring her heart back again. It happened often that she lost her heart to someone and most of the time she even gave it voluntarily, for a short while on loan. And she always got it back ever so nicely.

Thieves, however, are not nice people. Thieves never bring anything back. That was a miscalculation on her part.

She waited for her heart and he waited for her heart. The days passed and she asked Tileman again for a postponement. He waited and waited and she waited and waited. In vain.

When she asked him a third time for a postponement, he lost his temper. Tileman thought that she did not love him. And she could not explain it. How do you tell someone that your heart was stolen while you were sleeping?

The thief immediately saw that the heart was worth a lot and he sold it on the black market. Tileman’s cook bought it, because it was so fresh that it was still beating. And without any idea to whom the heart belonged, the cook used it to make a pot-roast. Tileman, who has waited impatiently for the heart of the heart-woman all the time, ate the heart of his beloved.

He waited for her while she died, somewhere close to a ditch. A person can only live a few weeks without a heart. Her soul often floated around in his house and in his head. They missed each other. And his quotes were henceforth only about the love he could not acquire and that he, without having any idea, had chewed with his teeth, had carelessly let it slip down his oesophagus, had it digested in his stomach and had it reviled via his intestines and a good working toilet right into the sewer.


De tegelwijsheid, tegelman en tegelvrouw
Tilewoman (Pixabay)
mozaïek (Pixabay)
A tile is only a part of a mosaic

Even if there are wise words on it... 


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