Do you feel anger, are you having a cactus moment?


Four tips to help you get through your anger more pleasantly:

1: Do not use concrete people names to scold. You could possibly blame innocent people on it. Instead, look for descriptive terms that make you feel good, such as: "hypocritical soap sucker or bulky calf's nut".

2: Let the pain come up. In the meantime, eat a large piece of apple strudel with a large portion of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. If the strudel piece is large enough, the pain has solidified by the time you ate it. Then scoop the pain off. (The specific weight of pain in people can be compared to fat in water.)

3: Write a light-hearted play or a dark, never-to-be-published story, go timmer something on the piano, go hiking, boxing or swimming. Dance. Move. Make sure you lose it. Yoga exercises can also be useful here.

4: Make a voodoo doll and insert needles. Acupuncture always works.

this is a well-meant banana



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